Monday, April 09, 2012

Things I'd rather like

Image from Empirical Style.

These pendant lights from Empirical Style. They have a few cage colours to choose from (or you can get any colour custom done for like, $12 extra), and about a million cord colours. I love how flexible they are - no need to call in an electrician, just plug them into a wall socket and run them to where you want them, and stick a cuphook in the wall (or even a 3M sticky hook, if you're renting). And because they have no base, like a standard lamp does, they can fit in spots too tight for a floorlamp. I'm seriously saving my pennies for a pair to use as bedside lamps (red cages, gold cords, custom). But I'd also like a clump of three to put in the corner of the living room where I've always wanted some mood lighting, but there's no room for a lamp (I have my eye on the galah colourway, but I suspect BCB would put his foot down over the pink). I also want another set to brighten up my study (which has only a south-facing window under a verandah, and thus has been crying for extra lighting ever since we moved in).

Image from, where you can buy these.

These recycled wool/ polyester blankets from Waverley Woolen Mills. I love how they look like army blankets, but with some colour. And the price is fantastic. I really wish we had a spare bed for one of these - given my collection of doona covers, quilted cotton blankets and crocheted wool rugs, there is just no room at all on our bed.

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Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I love that the blankets come in such a range of colours! Going to check them out now :D