Thursday, September 06, 2007

Get your knits on, Giles Deacon*

(apologies to House of Holland, and anyone who understood my terrible punning reference).

It's kind of like Twinkle had the chunky-knits crown. I couldn't even find the needles needed to make the Best Friend Cardigan she designed. Then Giles looked over and went 'think you're chunky, hey? Well guess what! I'm so chunky/ edgy I... I... I knit with roving!' I am now waiting for Mr Galliano to recruit the thinner, more flexible models and knit them into a bolero to be worn down the catwalk by another model. That will truly determine who is King of Knits (or Queen, though it seems Twinkle's lost out).

I know that's roving, and not a really chunky single-ply because last week I accidentally landed on the site of the mill that supplied the roving. They had the photo above with a 'look what Giles Deacon made with our roving!' caption. And I've promptly lost the site. Google was to no avail. I'm so sorry. Because else you could all shop at the place that supplies the designers.

And I know about Mr Deacon's fabbo Fall collection (well, except maybe for the feathery shoes with the olive cardigan) because I picked up the September UK Vogue yesterday. All 803 pages of it. It is, no kidding, an inch thick. Mostly with ads, but when it comes to Vogue that's kind of half the reason you buy it. I love UK Vogue, much better than Australian Vogue and much much better than US. The UK style suits better, and they have the largest arts section, and they've maintained this slightly quaint, dictatorial style of writing that feels very 1950s.

I also grabbed IK Knits, for the Tangled Yoke cardy. I was going to make it in a tweedy brown colour, but after seeing Kate Spade's beautiful, bright quirky ads I think I'll make it in fuchsia.

Why the big magazine splurge? Well kids, yesterday I got a job. Not just any job, but the job I've wanted and been working towards for about a year now.


Elizabeth said...

Those chunkiest-of-all knits are hideous! ahem. But congratulations on the job! I'm a week into classes and can't even start thinking about it. Way to go!

Michelle said...

hooray on the job!

ysolda said...

Congratulations :) I'm guessing that along with the roving you would need broomsticks.

Claudia said...

Hah! Actually they did use broomsticks (I read it in British Elle). The company that supplied the roving is.... Wingham Woolworks at

Congrats on the job!

KnitXcorE said...

wow! that cardigan is intense!

Scribbles & Bits said...

Congratulations!!!!! Well worth splurging indeed, then!!!!