Saturday, May 31, 2008

Fantasy Naturale Market Bag

It mightn't look like it, but I'm actually de-stashing. Until last week I hadn't bought new yarn all year. Oh wait, except for that Patonyle that became the Rainbow Socks. And I've sold a bunch of yarn. Anyway, I had five balls of 12-ply navy blue cotton... why? I have no idea. What was I thinking? So I figured I'd make a market bag. Again, why? Given that we have a bunch of calico bags and those ubiquitous green Coles bags... I guess I couldn't think of anything else to do with a bunch of heavy cotton. Here's the result. It's the Fantasy Naturale Market Bag, a free pattern I found using the experimental browser on Ravelry.

Square base, picked up stitches all round.

And the handles are made with a simple cast off and then cast back on a few more stitches than were cast off. I quite liked this idea, because it seemed to account for the way the handles with inevitably stretch. They're a little short to go over my shoulder now, but I bet they won't be after I first use it! It took a mere ten days, and used up two a little bit balls of cotton. I'm thinking a couple more of these filled with... stuff... might make neat Christmas gifts.

Rainbow socks

I love these socks. Like, love. I did a three needle bind off on the toe because it was quicker than grafting, and it's left this annoying little seam for my toes to rub against. I wish they were longer in the leg (I misread the pattern, so the short-row diamonds on my socks are not as deep as they should be, with the result that I needed to do eight 'sections' on each foot). But still I love them. They make me happy to look at, and Patonyle does feel nice underfoot. The colours are much brighter, really, but our dim house in winter is not so encouraging with the light situation, and I didn't want to ask BCB for a light-box because he was defrosting the fridge (this requires a hairdryer, a pot of boiling water, a bucket and our largest knife. I didn't want to get too close).

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Back to School (sort of).

I've signed up for some sewing classes. I'm quite excited. They seem nice and flexible - because I have some sewing experience I was told just to bring along whatever it is I want to make and the teacher will help me out. I'm going to work on a pair of pants - Burda WoF 118 of 1/ 2008, view B, to be precise. Except that I'm going to redraft the legs so they're wider. I've never made pants before, and I'm glad that I'm going to be getting some help. Hopefully I'll learn lots - I don't really get the chance to learn sewing off people in real life. My mother sews really, really well, but is not the best teacher (and I am not the best student around her - imparting specialist knowledge to one another is not one of our strong points, much as I love her).

I'm also taking the Closet Knitter from work. My new Partner in Cr(aft)ime. It's kind of nice to get excited about garment-making with someone that I met outside crafting circles.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

One rainbow sock

I realised the other day how many things - sewn and knitted - that I've finished and not photographed. Ugh. I was planning to do lots of photographing today, even nagging BCB to build me a little lightbox, but I ended up a bit worse for wear. Sangria (or red wine generally) does not sit well with me, and I spent last night at a new restaurant/ bar at which sangria is the house special. Oooooo... so today I curled up with Heroes Season 2 and finished the heel on the second rainbow sock.

I love this Patonyle colourway so, so much. I think I'll have enough left over to do another pair of socks in plain stocking stitch, with contrast heels and toes.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Which *is* more fun?

So I told you all about how I'm teaching that guy at work to knit. And about how whenever he comes into my office he drops the blinds and closes the door? Well, today I helped him out over lunch. Halfway through someone knocked on the door, but made no move to open it. I eventually got up and opened it. It was a colleague.
"Oh, sorry," she said. "It's just that the blinds were down and the door was closed and I heard giggling and I ~pause~ didn't want to interrupt anything."

Great. I teach someone to knit, and now people in the office think I'm having an affair.