Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Was spent with a friendly orphan possum called Gazza. He's being readied for release into the wild. He's not so great and staying still for a photoshoot

but he is pretty tops at climbing (because I was pulling a funny face in the picture I'm not including the next picture in the sequence - Gazza diving off my back towards his cage).

I knit too. Here's my unStripy. In fact, the arm is done all the way to the wrist now. Look at the colour variations in the handspun - interesting, no? You can't really see the differences in anything but strong light. I like it. I think Brooklyn Tweed is almost right - a simple stitch pattern is best for handspun, but stocking stitch is just as good as garter, in my unhumble opinion.


Clementine said...

Wow, that looks awesome!! What gauge is the handspun? It looks tiiiny! Lucky BCB :)

Michelle said...

Hee, BCB looks like C3PO standing like that. It is a lovely fit. I love the variations in the wool.

Bibnbub said...

Wow you managed to get him to try it on with the pointy sticks still in it and take a photo. Im impressed. It looks great on him too.

KnitXcorE said...

i'm deathly afraid of possum.... like to the point where i would run into the middle of the street and chance being run over to escape it.

the sweater is looking ace! what yarn are you using?

OH yeah..... the vinyl thingys! it says that they won't damage the walls but they're not re-usable, so I'm afraid to go tugging on them.

Ju said...

Hey! I am so glad you like my blog! Thanks for the kind words! :) alwyays stoked to find more of us "downunders" i the big wide bloggin world!!

Patrizia said...

The sweater is awesome and the fit looks great too! I'm just wondering what your method is for keeping track of all those rows in sleeves? Row counter? I've tried using one but found that I kept forgetting to turn it - yes very silly of me, I know.

I've never seen a real live possum but they look very cute. :)