Friday, October 22, 2010

To do list.

Get married. Check.

So now that my weekends aren't taken up with seating charts and spraypainting cake stands, I can work on other things.

i) This self-closing bag (I'd make it as a Christmas gift for someone, but I can't think who);
ii) More cushion covers for the pups' oversized floor cushions. Need to order/ buy some grunge-coloured fabric, perhaps something tweedy, as no matter how often we wash their cushions, they end up with a built-in layer of dirt;
iii) Sencha blouse, to be made as part of a sew-along with a girl I work with and a girl I used to work with. We all think it's the perfect work blouse;
iv) Olive, with a yoke of pigeonroof studios handspun, and a body out of the new Beaverslide sportsweight 2-ply;
v) Riding to Avalon, without a hood, from some Jo Sharp Silkroad Tweed I acquired second-hand;
vi) Conquer my fear of jersey fabric, and run up some shapeless slouchy singlets for summer.

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