Friday, November 02, 2007

Checking in

("she's checkin' in, she's checkin' in!" What? You obviously don't watch the Simpsons often enough. It's from the Betty Ford Clinic, the Musical).

I'm just squooshed in exams right now, hence it being quiet (oh, so quiet...) round here. Rogue is leaping and bounding along though. It felt very two steps forward, one step back for a while. But I'm up to the armpit shaping. It's a little smaller round the hips than I anticipated, and I've decided for reasons of length to Frankenstein the armhole shaping for the second-smallest size to the number of body stitches of the smallest. I think this means I will make the sleeves for the second smallest size.
I sincerely hope that this:
(a) works;
(b) doesn't look weird.

Alison, I'm looking directly at you for advice and reassurance right now (Alison has just managed a terrifyingly modded Rogue).

There will be photos on, say, Tuesday of next week.


Alison said...

I'm wondering if one of the reason's I'm procrastinating about casting on for the sleeve is because I did such horrid things to the armholes...No! No, I insist it's because I've got side tracked on baby knits! :)

If you go find pics of girlfromauntie, she really is very short. I'm sure she designs for 'standard' dressmakers sizes, but I wonder if some of our issues with length is that both you and M are freakily tall and slender and she's never sat down to think that some might need, for example, an extra inch or two in the hood.

Good luck in the exams...

Alison said...

*shame* errant apostrophe...kill me now