Sunday, November 04, 2007

Uh, Houston? Problem...

(and it's not Clare's mad photography skillz*)

This is Rogue. This is Rogue cast off for the armpits... oh dear. I think I'll have to rip back to the plain, repeatable cables in the middle and add another... three? four? Jeebus I'm glad I didn't go with the pocket on the front, because I'm starting some serious yarn-quantity angst. There's one extra cable in the body already. My other option is to rip the whole damn thing and try again with a needle size up. But that's too disheartening, I think.

How did this happen, you ask? Well, I'm under gauge on the row count. I admit that. I get 27 rows to four inches, not 24... but I still maintain that this pattern must be designed for the lesser of statute. Because that body is 13.5" right now, the length it is supposed to be for the smallest size. Um, do I have a freakishly long body?

On the upside, it appears the jumper isn't too tight. It was an ongoing concern as I knitted. Not quite as loose as I might have liked, but certainly not tight.

* Photo. Right. Photos taken in the mirror never look good. They will always blur - something to do with the mirror. They look worse when you use the toothpaste for sensitive teeth that leaves these little flecks like cement all over the mirror from where you brush a little crazily. But it was the best I could do, okay?


Mikolaj said...

I'd like to humbly suggest that you learn to love your camera's self-timer. I have elevated the trick of quietly setting the self-timer, placing the camera on the nearest flat surface (frequently the top of a wine glass) pointed at yourself and friends, and returning to the conversation to an art form.

Somewhat more on topic, yes - Alison did lots of 'well, I guess I'll need to just repeat the middle bits of the pattern a few times'. And completely reshaping the arm openings. And the hood. :P

I keep saying she needs to write it up, but since it usually happened somewhat ad-hoc with the assistance of wine, I think all the acquired wisdom has been lost...

Alison said...

Ad hoc? But it fits. :)

LB, one of your issues might be that you're actually wearing this thing too low. I gather it's meant to skim the top of your hips at lowest.

And yes, compared to GFA, both you and M are freakishly long. I did 5 repeats of the central cable bit, and that seemed to work. But then I tweaked armpit to shoulder and shoulder to top of hood, as well. Currently 90 rows into the first sleeve and tweaking good and, no one told me knitting would involve maths! Argh!

I love the colour you're doing this in.

As for toothpaste on mirrors - get a slave.

lupinbunny said...

Well, it'll have to be extended beyond hip-skimming length. Who wears jumpers at hip-skimming length? Okay, potentially those that don't wear their jeans at pube-scraping lows...
Where it is now is where I want it to fit. I've got four repeats. I'm gonna bump it to eight, I think.

And M, yes. Self-timer. You're right. It's time to learn. In the past few weeks I've learned whiteness balance, macro, foliage filter... I'm finally getting my $299 out of this camera.

ysolda said...

Standard measurement charts have always seemed weirdly short to me, given that my body is always either standardly sized or longer. Which would be fine, but given that I'm 5'3 and have a proportionally short body it doesn't make a lot of sense.