Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Vintage knitting

I went down South for a couple of days, to visit Badly Coloured Boy's mum. We rode horsies and fed orphaned possums and met the new dog and were offered an unwanted kitten (see orphaned possums above) and I saw a very interesting frog in the lettuce patch, so it was an excellent visit all round. And of course when we went into town we did a run of the op-shops. I was really disappointed that someone has cleared out all the vintage sewing patterns. Last time there were heaps from the sixties and seventies. Now they're all late eighties or more recent. I did get some fabric remnants and some excellent vintage knitting booklets. These are my favourites.

A beginner's knitting guide for teenage girls, from the 1960s! But what might a teenage girl make?

Why, a sweater, to catch a beau! (Guess the boyfriend sweater curse is a fairly recent superstition). There was a pattern for a hat and booties 'to show off baby' a couple of pages earlier, so methinks knitting wasn't the only things the girls were doing to snag a guy! Which is a pity, because

in ten years time those women will look up from their needles and realise the handsome beau they snagged/ married with the aid of a shotgun and a baby bump has turned into one of these four men. Hirsute, wearing clothes too tight and apparently interested only in other men (I do like the brown and yellow number on the far right, though).


Clementine said...

Hehehe ... that is awesome :)
The same thing seems to have happened in rural QLD op shops as well- they're just not as good as they used to be! But every now and then you see a few old patterns and stuff, so will send you some if you want? Or just bring them back when I come over?

KnitXcorE said...

in all seriousness, i love that effin vest to the right wayyyy more than anyone should.