Thursday, February 07, 2008

Cables ahoy!

One Rogue, finished. Never mind that somehow one arm ended up narrower than the other to elbow, then manages a little, unnoticeable mutton-chop to get the right number of stitches for the sleeve cap. I ended up having to order more yarn, since I have eight repeats in the middle of the body instead of three.

To be honest, I'm still not convinced that it's very flattering. I'd rather have another Arwen anyday. But I'm rather in love with the yarn.

And here is my ready-to-be-cast-off Gretel. Which is now reduced to two balls of Jo Sharp Silk Road Tweed. Why? I was knitting at 18 stitches to four inches, not 16. It fit nicely, if I was going for a beanie rather than a beret... I'm going to try again soon, with extra stitches and making the slouchy size to make up for the smaller row gauge. Other than my sheer stupidity it is an entirely recommendable knit. Witty, if clever use of leaning decreases and predictable, Fibonacci-esque patterns are what you think constitutes witty.


marirob said...

i think your sweater looks fab on you! abd snuggly warm - great job!

Alison said...

I hated the way the sleeves were shaped, so completely rejigged them. They just seemed so baggy! I like your Rogue a lot, and I think it is considerably closer to the spirit of the thing than my effort. I'd post more pics, but I'm deeply ashamed of my finishing. :/

I like the titfer.

Michelle said...

your yarn tastes are impeccable! love tweed.

Michelle said...

i have some tweed waiting to be a sweater when my post maternity weight becomes more balanced, until then....things that don't need fitting.

Elin said...

It looks great! I'm never sure if my knits are flattering either, but if they're nice and snuggly, I usually don't care.

And the yarn! I've got the Beaverslide colourcards and it's absolutely beautiful. Can't wait to order some.

KnitXcorE said...

the color is fantastic.
i can't wait to see ur gretel finished.... it's a ysolda pattern right?