Monday, January 28, 2008


I figured in my six days of unemployment I better make a cover for the nekkid cushion that had been on the couch for months. I was feeling a bit ghetto, what with the holes in the couch and the white polyester nekkid-cushion. It's some of Lara Cameron's fabric. Copying off her pot-holder, I put batting behind the fabric and quilted down the lines of the trees. I'm like, totally a quilter now.

Just before blogging this I read Aunty Cookie's blog, which linked to her photostream, and... damn. It seems she got to the birds-in-trees-cushion-cover-thing first... unless her cushion cover is also less than a week old? I really dig the squirrel decals above the cot too... maybe I should just give up on independent interior decorating thought and go all stalker-like.

It's also kind of embarassing to be posting this about 1/12 of the way into 2008, but this year is officially the Year of Finishing Stuff Up. I got a little bit stash-y on the knitting front in 2007, and want to clear up the boxes and my Ravelry queue a bit. I'll be seaming together the Rogue hoodie today. I've started Gretel (she can't be finished until after my birthday, as that's when I get the necessary needles...). I've made one of the six socks I want to make. I'm ready to go on Badly Coloured Boy's hundspun Stripy, and the only other thing to do is finish blocking and seam together Babette. And if I manage all that, then the tangled yoke cardigan is next on the list.

(And just finally - oo, check it out! Another indie fabric designer! Not only does she live in my state, she actually lives in BCB's hometown. Jeebus. And he tries to to tell me that the creative ones leave in this sudden we-finished-high-school diaspora).


Lara said...

Hee hee cool cushion!! Thats so funny you should mention the one in Shannon's photostream though - that's actually one of my cushions that I took up there for a friend's photoshoot (she offered me the opportunity to have them in her product photos - the wall decals).

I love the idea of quilting them though - I should have thought of that!


Michelle said...

love it. We need a cushion for our computer chair. I will probably knit or crochet it tho.

KnitXcorE said...

that fabric is ace! thx for the link to aunty cookie.... her blog looks pretty cool.