Thursday, May 15, 2008

Back to School (sort of).

I've signed up for some sewing classes. I'm quite excited. They seem nice and flexible - because I have some sewing experience I was told just to bring along whatever it is I want to make and the teacher will help me out. I'm going to work on a pair of pants - Burda WoF 118 of 1/ 2008, view B, to be precise. Except that I'm going to redraft the legs so they're wider. I've never made pants before, and I'm glad that I'm going to be getting some help. Hopefully I'll learn lots - I don't really get the chance to learn sewing off people in real life. My mother sews really, really well, but is not the best teacher (and I am not the best student around her - imparting specialist knowledge to one another is not one of our strong points, much as I love her).

I'm also taking the Closet Knitter from work. My new Partner in Cr(aft)ime. It's kind of nice to get excited about garment-making with someone that I met outside crafting circles.


spider_knit said...

Ooooh! Where are you doing that?

I'd love to learn properly at some point (maybe next year, when I have bought a sewing machine).

What a clever thing you are! :)

Michelle said...

It's great that the Closet Knitter wants to join you for some sewing time as well.
moo ha are convincing the whole world one at a time to come to the crafty side.

how is your gardening going by the way? anything planted or coming up?

Anonymous said...

great news about your crafty friend! I just reconnected won facebook with a girl I used to work with and turns out she makes crafts for a local store in my hometown AND she loves the same fabrics I do....hmmmm Yippee!! Enjoy the classes!