Saturday, May 31, 2008

Rainbow socks

I love these socks. Like, love. I did a three needle bind off on the toe because it was quicker than grafting, and it's left this annoying little seam for my toes to rub against. I wish they were longer in the leg (I misread the pattern, so the short-row diamonds on my socks are not as deep as they should be, with the result that I needed to do eight 'sections' on each foot). But still I love them. They make me happy to look at, and Patonyle does feel nice underfoot. The colours are much brighter, really, but our dim house in winter is not so encouraging with the light situation, and I didn't want to ask BCB for a light-box because he was defrosting the fridge (this requires a hairdryer, a pot of boiling water, a bucket and our largest knife. I didn't want to get too close).


Patrizia said...

Those are groovy socks! I too like using the 3 needle bind off, but don't really have a problem with the seams rubbing against my toes.

KnitXcorE said...

that yarn is crazyyyyyyyyyy!
i love it.