Friday, June 13, 2008

Observation of the day

So I was catching the train home tonight. And on my train was a guy playing with a Rubix cube. Solving the Rubix cube. Like, every face a solid colour solving. It was half done when he got on the train, and he solved it a couple of stations later, and by the time I got off a few stations after that he'd messed it up and halfway solved it again. It was fascinating - the guy moved with such speed and skill! He was so confident with his movements. I couldn't stop watching this young, very hip looking guy doing something you just don't see people do anymore, something a bit anachronistic, something so interesting to watch.

And then I realised - this is what knitting on the train looks like to everyone else.

(image by Russell Bernice, used under creative common licence. Trains in Perth look a bit nicer than ones in NY though. Pretend all that grey is white and green and yellow, and the windows are much bigger).


KnitXcorE said...

that is pretty awesome.

i would make friends with that guy.

Michelle said...

yes, I thought that train looked familiar. Definitely a NYC subway, down to the stratched graffiti on the window.

I spend lots of knitting time on the train now, but I hardly ever get comments.

Erin said...

I have always wondered why knitters were such a draw to non-knitting strangers. Crystal clear now. How lovely.

Alina said...

That makes me feel a bit nostalgic - my brother could do that when I was a kid - even had a miniature Rubix cube hanging from the rearview mirror in his Kingswood stationwagon! I guess it's a regional Australia thing.