Thursday, November 18, 2010

State cushions

I have long loved these embroidered state icon cushions from Uncommon Goods. Always lamented the fact that they only come in US states (and only ship to US states too). Just occurred to me this morning - why not try my hand at designing a nice, cheesy WA version? My must-includes are the yacht that won the America's Cup, the Bell Tower, Tim Winton, whale sharks, a kangaroo paw and the Argyle diamond mine (with a pink diamond, of course). What would you include?


Kirsty said...

Black swan. Pinnacles. Wave rock. LNG Ship. Iron ore train (or a couple of full carts).

Sorry, struggling for really cheesy and you already have the bell tower!

Unfortunately the Perth Eye closed down so we cannot have that!

kelli ann said...

i do love these pillows! really sweet.