Wednesday, January 10, 2007


thus the temporary silence.
my new place is nice. there are quite a few little bugs, because the place has been vacant for a couple of months; but on the upside i have a really lovely new bedspread and a very ginormous bookcase (it very nearly didn't make it, because it didn't fit inside the horse float we were using to move things).
despite the nearly-dead garden there are lots of little birds twittering about in the trees outside (or making that deafening squawking noise in the case of the galahs). which is also a bit nice. i have plans for a herb garden, and some zucchini plants.

i am planning on turning my old clothes into a knitted rag rug to cover over the terrible lino (please, can someone explain how one actually covers lino in small, deep, black cuts (when the rest of the lino is cream)?). so pictures of that once i get started.


ysolda said...

have fun in your new place :)
as for the cuts in the lino - a dog with long nails? a determined but unskilled knife thrower? or maybe it cracks over time?

I like the idea of the knife thrower best.

lupinbunny said...

me too. maybe a knifethrower of FLMAING knives. that would account for the black (burned?) edges.

littlemissmeshell said...

Yay for herb gardens! Basil and best friends. Hope that goes well, and your rag rug, that sounds awesome.

littlemissmeshell said...

Oh and re the op shop fabrics...I'm glad to know that freo is crap! Because I've heard it is really good, obviously from an unreliable source, and I was sad because I've never been!

I just go to two small ones 2 minutes away from my house, they are on High Road, SOR, one is Good Sammies and the other the Salvos. They each have a dollar fabric bin and although small bins I usually always find stuff, each piece is between 1 and 3 metres, noice. =)

Michelle said...

so what op shops are good for yarn in Perth? There are actually alot around here in Midland way, I just haven't been to any of them.