Sunday, January 21, 2007

liberty fabrics

god i am lusting after this soooooo badly. the colour scheme is so uncompromisingly fifties. i think it'd make a wonderful built by wendy top.
the problem with this fabulous built by wendy top is that it encourages me to imagine the squillion different prints that it could work with. like, eiffel towers, say. or toile de jouy (i love this stuff, in any weight, for any purpose).

last year in london, before i was really into sewing, i bought a pre-cut metre of liberty lawn at the actual Liberty store in London (possibly the most fabulous department store in the world. can you imagine changerooms with tiny tudor windows onto the outside world? and tudor handcarved balustrades?). Anyway, the fabric. It was the Ianthe pattern (that you can see on that linked page, under the subheading '1890s'), in purple and aqua and fuschia, and on sale cost enough to make me cough a little. i couldn't understand how these other women were walking away with armsful of this fabric. until i realised later how much the retail price was. and the other day when i actually unfolded and measured my fabric, i found out the 'metre' was more like a metre and a half squared. i paid really a very, very good price.
my point? um.... if any londoner reads this and fancies custom purchasing me a sale-price piece of pre-cut lawn from the liberty store i can organise a swap of australian bits and pieces that would certainly make it worth your while. bear it in mind. perhaps they have a mid-year sale?


Michelle said...

I got an IKEA catalog today, have you ever tried their fabrics, look pretty cool.

KnitXcorE said...

i love the last one (toile de joy)!