Friday, January 26, 2007

spotlight goodies

the closest spotlight to me is in the process of closing down (lease is up, the landowners want to put in a car dealership). everything is half price. i also had to stand in a queue to get my fabric cut for at least an hour. i actually sent badly coloured boy to go buy a vacuum cleaner and iron while i was in the queue. he shopped around a bit, bargained a decent deal, then drove back to find me still waiting to get my fabric cut.
some people were buying terrifying quantities of fabric.... like, no exaggeration, maybe thirty rolls. some remnants, some needing to be measured out. what i thought was a counter full (full!) of stuff to be reshelved turned out to be some lady's 'to buy' pile.

only the heavy cotton weave on the right had to be cut. the denim and stripes on the left were all remnants. which was kind of neat. because i was looking high and low for the two middle rolls, because i wanted to buy a bit. couldn't find them anywhere, then saw a lady wheel them out on a trolley. $7 and $5 for the rolls, respectively. though my terrible camera skills don't show it, the navy and white striped roll has a quite unusual weave. in the middle of each white stripe some of there is, like... less warp (or weft?) threads, so the bareness makes an extra stripe. sort of the optical illusion principle in the invisible stripe scarf, on a much, much finer scale.

when it came to trims, i bought all the gingham bias binding they had left (only three metres!); half the blue and green tartan; all of that pretty crochet stuff. and some wooden buttons that were 50c and $1 each respectively, though the spotlight people threw in two free buttons to get rid of the tube.

also bought another pair of clover needles, and a zipper to match the denim (i'm going to try to make a pair of short shorts... the denim has a wee bit of stretch in it, which should make up for any weird shaping my inadequate skills produce).

now, i actually need to get onto sewing some stuff.

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KnitXcorE said...

you cleaned up shop :-)