Thursday, June 28, 2007

It feels like a bit of a cliche to say 'Don't worry, not dead, not abandoning blog, just busy!' but it is rather the truth. Virgin Suicides Collection and Marie Antoinette Collection will be photographed asap, but I really want to put a bit of effort into the MA Collection, so need to wait until I have time for 'proper' photoshoots. I've been working full-time during the week on an internship-placement type thing, while working my ordinary shifts on the weekend, and covering for a staff member who had his wisdom teeth out. All a bit crazy. But I'm loving the internship-type thing to pieces.

I'm also loving our first mushroom. Beautiful, huh? Such a perfect mushroom. When you cut the gills it bleeds sort of pink, a bit. And they're so tasty raw! The bought ones are so yuck raw. I picked this one yesterday. Tonight we had to pick a whole bunch, because they're crowding each other out of the box! The caps were being squooshed into weird shapes, and the stems were fusing! So dinner is pasta with mushrooms, brie and beet leaves from the garden. Pretty special having half our dinner come from our own garden.


marirob said...

I love your mushroom - looks so perfect and tasty. Isn't it amazing to eat produce you've grown yourself? I have to depend on my father, he has a huge garden, but his veggies are the tastiest by far. I'm looking forward to the continuation of the Sofia Coppola series!

Michelle said...

you are so martha stewart! and i mean that in a very good way!

Michelle, home with sick kid and a very antiMartha today

Mitchypoo said...

That is really cool! How wonderful to grow your own mushrooms.