Friday, June 15, 2007

felt is made of wool and so is this:

ta-da. It's the fronts and sleeves of the arwen cardy. I have a back too, but I'm not 'wearing' it in that photo (in case you didn't work it out, I've just put the sleeves on, and draped the attached fronts in place). Only the hood to go, which won't be started till after i finish exams (Monday...). Don't click to enlarge, it'll be blurry. I took the photo in the bathroom mirror, and it doubles images slightly. Well, that's my excuse.

'What's that on her t-shirt?' you say. Well, maybe you don't, but I wish you would because I've been trying to figure out a reason to blog this for a while. It says "Joseph Beuys". Cool, huh? It's from a series of fan t-shirts made by... some artist made for Supermart '04 (click 'program', scroll down till you you find it).

Now, to Spidersknit's meme (though I note she hasn't photographed her pantry, so I'm not sure why I'm bothering *pointed look*). I also doubt how grown up I am.
I wish I had been when I grew up:
- Bilingual. Or trilingual. I'm so embarassed by my monolingualism when I travel. When my tour guide in Morocco speaks five language fluently, but can't afford an overseas trip, y'know? When every European waiter swaps in my language because I order my food in theirs, y'know?
- A curator. Preferably a textiles curator. Preferably at the Victoria & Albert Museum. While I may seem interested in sewing 'n stuff now, sit me down in front of Historical Fashion in Detail and watch me spazz out. I'm still a little bitter that there's nowhere in Perth to study fashion history (one uni teaches fashion design, and they offer one unit on 20th century fashion only). Obviously I got partway to this, what with the art history degree and all. But um, there are few jobs in Australia, the pay is astonishingly miserable, and I saw people studying around me with so much passion and no other alternative career they would consider, and I just thought that they deserved it more than I did. So I didn't do any post-grad. I'd kind of like to go back and do my arts honours one day.
- Able to stay up late at night and drink a lot. I'm the person that leaves parties before midnight because they're too tired, and ever since an awful incident involving a bottle of absinthe on New Years Eve 2003 I'm pretty much unable to drink anything at all without waking up feeling seedy. Oh, I'm well worth inviting to a party, me.
- A writer.


missmeshell said...

Ooh, looking fabulous, I love it! And I am also the biggest piker when it comes to parties, actually, any situation really...I am the master of making an escape. I also used to be able to down a whole bottle of vodka in a night but now can barely handle a drink =P

Scribbles & Bits said...

Arwen's looking good! And i'd happily invite you to one of my parties because I'd be ready to shut it down before midnight anyway. I know I used to be able to party till the wee hours, but not anymore

spider_knit said...

I'm not photographing my pantry right now becuase..
a) its spread out over 3 different hieght cupboards
b) I haven't done a large shop since you posted
c) we have such a tiny fridge we can only shop for about 4 days at a time.

I haven't forgotten though and will post when I next do a larger sized shop (ie more than 6 items at a time)

[Defensive much? I am so easily put off by a snippy look... ;-) ]

Patrizia said...

Your Arwen is looking great so far and I'm loving that red!! Can't wait to see it finished. :)