Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tomatoes. Um, maybe the smallest tomatoes you've ever seen, but there are quite a few of them.

Round my way 'soil' is actually sand. No, no exaggeration. We've been trying to build it up, but there's that niggling 'Gosh, we just put two hundred dollars worth of soil into a rental garden' feeling that stops me from doing anything really worthwhile. Next place round I'm building no dig beds, for sure.

Two. You do know how to sew a button on, right? Sewing over a matchstick, or a heavy darning needle, means that the thread is loose enough to allow you to pull the button out from the shirt a little and actually, you know, button the thing up.


Michelle said...

they are supposed to be little, they are dwarf tomatoes!
managing to kill mint out her way

suzie wuzie said...

Weeds in sand are easier to pull out tho!

Showpony said...

wish we could grow tomatoes, I'd take your sandy soil for that.

thanks for your interest in the shoppers, should be back in about 6 weeks, will probably be about £12 ($24) but they are going to be printed on both sides this time. Hooray!

Taj said...

Ooooo Tomatoes!

Those little ones are always the best - they taste so sweet!