Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Or not so much. Because I'm guessing that Jesus is not so much down with the LYS.
So what would you do with a hundred dollar voucher to Calico & Ivy?

I finished up working in the bookstore yesterday. No longer am I a bookpimp. It had its less-fun moments (corrugated cardboard cuts, carrying heavy stuff, cleaning, customers, being a data-entry monkey) but on the whole it was a rather nice place to work. I think evidenced by the fact that I, as a mere 'unskilled' casual worker stayed on for six years. Potentially a record. I worked seven Christmases, which was as many as the store owner had. And it certainly beat being a kitchenhand, which was what I was prior to my bookshopgirl incarnation.

Anyway, I was showered with flowers and afore-mentioned gift voucher, softening the blow a little. Plus I have to return, because I forgot to hand over my keys. I didn't take my name tag. I figure when another casual is hungover and surly they can wear my name and give poor service with impunity, knowing complaints can't be tracked back to them (that's actually pretty unlikely, as only six people work in the store and all are very physically different. A quick check of sex and hair colour would likely reveal the offender). But still, the thought is there.

Leaving me just to ponder what I should spend said voucher on. I'm leaning towards yarn rather than fabric. Ideas? Suggestions?


Meshell said...

Some of that Jo Sharp yarn that you suggested to me for Esmerelda, it was so lovely! (silk something?)

And we used to have a 'Kate' badge at my old work that we'd all wear if we forgot our own, so whenever a customer would mention that 'Kate' told them or complain about 'Kate' we never knew who it was about. I would also often forget that my name was Kate while wearing it and look at people with a vacant stare when they were trying to address me.

knitconvict said...

We're planning a KnitTrain extravaganza on some Saturday over the next few months. We'll be stopping at Crossways, C & I and Yarns on Collie.

So never fear... the entire Mt Lawley Stitch 'n' Bitch can HELP you spend your voucher.

How sad to be ending your bookpimp life. I still think it was the best job I ever had. No real stress, lots of interesting books. Aaaaaaah. At least as a high powered lawyer you'll be able to join us for any Saturday activities!

spider_knit said...


Or that nice silk Collinette?

Michelle said...

noro noro noro