Wednesday, December 06, 2006

bits and pieces chapter 2

it appears there is now an invisible stripe scarf knitalong. how flattering. how fun!

last night i made my first etsy purchase. i have a sinking feeling that it's all downhill (savings-wise) from here.


risa said...

what did you buy? you must share! sharing in the delight of what my blogger friends buy is one of the ways i buy less. (of course, i still buy WAY too much, but there is just too many wonderful artists out there who need to be supported). :)

lupinbunny said...

i can't. its an xmas pressie for someone who reads this blog ocassionally. of course, after the 25th all will be revealed in great glee.

Girl Kae said...

hahah you've made the bigtime now ;)