Thursday, December 21, 2006

see the sucker

remember that seersucker that was drying on the line? well, this is what it became:

or, more clearly, this:
(can you believe that in the entire ginormous house i am babysitting there is not a single full-length mirror? i honestly wonder how the women of the house can go outside, utterly confident that their shoes match their eyeshadow, without having seen them both together).

a dress! for christmas! and there's enough left over to make a matching cushion for the $10 chair in the new year. it's butterick 4790. i made a red and blue one already, but this one fits alot better because i'm getting better at sewing. i pinned the darts really carefully this time, so no angular bust. and i had to resew the shoulders, much lower down, to suit my narrow bookish shoulders. mum showed me how to stretch the bias binding to go round curves, so that looks much neater too.

the pattern calls for 'three packets' of bias binding. i don't know how that stuff is sold in the states, but here that equates to twelve metres. i bought six and had five inches to spare; but i did need five and half metres of fabric, rather than the four and half the pattern calls for (last minute dash to spotlight for more seersucker, yes).


ysolda said...

very cute :) Thankyou for my card from the moon, definitely the most exotic. And I am feeling sooooo jealous of the fact that you can wear summer dresses as I contemplate whether I can survive taking the bins out without putting a coat on. Stupid other side of the world being so far away!

melissa said...

the dress is gorgeous!
i am one of those women(in a 2-woman household too!)who doesn't have a full length mirror. i should probably get one!

Michelle said...

most excellent. Very desperate housewives.

Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

I just love, love the way this dress fits on you. Please tell me how you reduced the overskirt, and what's the stretching trick for the bias tape?

Egads, how could any woman not have a full length mirror, how funny!!

Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

By the way, this is the first "real" pattern I'm attempting, I've never sewn from a pattern... eeek.