Saturday, December 09, 2006


heavens! while the lady over the yarn magazine blog has issues with interweave, i have to say that overall i am - indifferent. i have had problems getting my winter issue of interweave knits, and ended up sending a pointed, grumpy e-mail (it pained me to write it. really. i was cross, but i had to pretend to be crosser in order to write the nasty letter). they are (finally) sending my issue, but have extended my subscription 'for the inconvenience'.

pity it means i'll get an extra summer issue. the winter ones are always so much nicer.

i apologise for the absence of pictures recently. when i work on something more exciting than anatolia, you shall all be the first to know.


ysolda said...

their subscriptions are insane. I subscribed in October, expecting the winter issue to be the first magazine I got. Which it was, only 2 weeks later I got a copy of the fall issue. Honestly I don't care that much. I was subscribing more for inspiration and the articles than the patterns. Of course I'm hugely dissapointed by the articles, all of which are online, and probably won't renew my subscription next year.

ysolda said...

well most are online anyway