Thursday, December 14, 2006

i'm eating the last of those cherries while i type this

about three months ago i was lying on the floor of badly coloured boy's kitchen (actually, half in the kitchen and half in the loungeroom, as his kitchen was the size of a cupboard) having a tantrum. a fists and feet beating on the ground kind of tantrum. i was finding my uni course a wee bit difficult, and was quite certain that i wanted to drop out, a month short of my exams and four fifths of the way through the degree. it had been a truly grotesque semester, punctuated by periodic bordeom, bare passes and parental breakup. i had hoped to do honours next year, and it didn't look like i was going to be offered them the way things were headed. badly coloured boy made me a deal. if i sat my exams (as he knew i invariably would, once i calmed down) he would buy me yarn based on my final marks.

my marks came out on monday, and i gots me my yarn. i picked noro. silk garden. i have never knit with noro before, and was/ am so excited by it. i think this colourway (211) is just divine. a nice mix of dirty colours (ink, mud, muce (mud/ puce), buffalo grey) and pretty colours (pink, purple, clear green, mid blue).

i wanted to make a scarf for me that makes people say 'wow! what an awesome scarf!' when i wear it. i tend to wear scarfs more than any other knitted item, and unsurprisingly my garter stitch acryclic get little attention. leaning heavily on this and the good ol' lady eleanor stole i taught myself entrelac.
despite my issues with short rows i haven't had a single problem with the entrelac. in fact, i even picked up what i am fairly certain is an error in the instructions i learnt from. because the squares are smaller and the scarf is narrower than lady e the colour is more obviously graduated. but i still think it's pretty. although it really is straight out entrelac if anyone would like me to actually type up the pattern i will.

oh, and i got a letter in the mail yesterday. i got offered honours after all. what with the noro, and the cherries and the future dissertation things are definitely looking up.


littlemissmeshell said...

Woohoo! GO YOU! Honours girl =) AND pretty Noro! That scarf is looking beautiful, great way to end a semester no?

I WISH I could get my freaking marks, I have a sanction, whoops =P And I feel incredibly stupid because of working in the library and laughing at all the sillies coming to pay their sanctions...and now I freaking have one! =P xox

spider_knit said...

We all knew you were clever-like-type-person.

Congrats! Wierdly, I enjoyed my honours coursework/thesiswork more than all the preceeding years put together.

Michelle said...

please post entrelac. could be interesting to learn.

Clementine said...

told you you'd be fine. and fine you are. see? i am always right.

also: WELL DONE! whooo! (insert appropriately cheery noises here).

and I lovelovelove the mini-lady-e. and you know i HATE entrelac. go figure.