Tuesday, November 14, 2006

na na na na na na - Stash Bust!

(that was to the tune of the batman theme).

since i'm getting ready to move and all, and am planning to buy vast quantities of yarn over the next fortnight (oo, some 25 - 30 balls) i thought i should thin out what i have. which is not very much. it fits into three kassetts boxes.
Thus far i have:
- one fetching glove, and the second cast on.* photos tomorrow.
- plans for the combined frogged boobholder/ one skein wonder. it will become a truly perculiar new candy cardigan. stripes of navy blue cotton and red merino. should look... um, well. i'll wear it.
- plans for a small bear out of the weird brown polar fleece yarn.

i need ideas for two balls of 5 ply wool in red and mauve; and two balls of trellis yarn that is not a scarf. i want the yarn to go to someone who actually liked it (!) and she doesn't wear scarves.
i als have half a ball of pink/ grey/ white/ black self-fair-isling jawoll sock yarn that i am sure is cursed. well i have ongoing trouble with making anything that isn't too small with this yarn, so i am going to make a clean break of it. anyone who wants it, speak up (now that i've spoken so highly of it and all). recent intentions for a half-ball included drawer sachets, mini xmas stockings and an ipod cover.

* fetching is going to badly coloured boy's best friend/ ex-girlfriend (and also my friend too, don't get me wrong). every time i see her she begs for fingerless gloves. the last time i saw her i thought of fetching, which had never grabbed me personally, but which seemed quick and easy. the conversation went like this:
"Well, i wouldn't do actual finger-holes. there'd be a single hole for all your fingers to stick out of. is that okay?"
"Yeah! It's better!"
"Do you just want plain, or what?"
"Just plain.... well, maybe a few cables?"
Done and done.


Michelle said...

hey, when will you be back for Stitch n Bitch...we miss you!

Clementine said...

yeah, it's true!

also: any joy with candy? if not, wanna come n a massive spending spree with me? buying yarn, it eases the pain...

lupinbunny said...

next monday kittens. i will be there with bells on. i finished my exams today!
candy still scrunched in a corner. i am in for a yarn binge. i need a bag of cotton blend DK; and some as yet unspecified-colour merino (depends if my dodgy off-ebay negotiations pull off). BCB says he won't buy me gift yarn till my results come out! *breathless at the unfairness of that*