Wednesday, November 15, 2006

quick! another bandwagon!

like clementine, i must jump on it.

the fetching gloves, for gemma:

because gemma has kiddie-hands, i cast on a mere 30 stitches. after the cuff was complete i purled into the front and back of each purl stitch, so the rib pattern became k4 p2, with a total of 35 stitches, to account for the fact that palms are broader than wrists. they are a bit of a wriggle to get onto my hands (palm 7 inches, wrist 5.75 inches), but fit nicely once on. this is one of the reasons i don't really like knitting for hands/ feet. they're such pernickety things to fit. such lumpy shapes.

here are her gloves packaged up in a box i got in a swap (it was filled with candy corn, since we don't really do halloween here). it was the perfect size for a pair of rolled up mitts.

the other side of the box says 'Boo!' i intend to leave it somewhere to surprise her.

i have also started on jess hutch's bunny, in horrific brown fleece yarn. i am terrified of dropping a stitch in all the fluff. it will be part of a christmas present for someone, paired with pretty, girly boxer-shorts/ cami-knickers.

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