Wednesday, November 29, 2006

on dishcloths

i do not understand knitted dishcloths. i used to also not understand hand-knitted socks, but i have come to an uneasy acceptance. i fear that when it comes to dishcloths that un-crafty mantra comes into my head: why make it when you can buy one for so much less time and effort? it is not like a jumper (or a sock) where your time, effort and expenditure can result in a unique garment that fits you perfectly. it is a dishcloth. it used in a most utilitarian manner that degrades your handiwork, and before long it will be thrown out. it will probably smell bad.
i do not even understand exactly what the dishcloth does. i use a sponge or a green scrubby thing to clean the dishes, and a tea towel to dry. which of these does the dishcloth replace?
i do not understand fancy dishcloths, heart-shaped or entrelac for 'when guests come to visit'. i really do not think guests will consider you a lacking host for using a regular sponge or tea towel. and if the concept of using a grotty everyday sponge/ tea towel bothers you, you don't strike me as the kind of person who would be so rude as to do the washing up while your guests were still there.

let me not get started on the concept of hand-knitted washcloths, either.


ysolda said...

haha - am i to blame for this rant? I made dishcloths because I needed a cloth and had no time to go buy one because I had to read a novel for uni. I don't get the fancy cloths / towels thing either and I don't think I would spend time knitting a cloth that wasn't time when I was doing something else anyway. They do make good cloths though :P

Girl Kae said...

haha i agree. I don't get hand knitted "cloths" - dishcloths, washclothes, towelcloths (if there is such a thing)... There's just too much effort going into them :S

lowredmoon said...

I like to make them for several reasons:
1. I'm a beginner, and it lets me practice new stitches with minimum committment.

2. I like to make useful things. I'd rather knit a dishcloth than something pretty but useless.

3. They're better quality. I hate store-bought dishcloths because they fall apart quickly and feel gross when they're wet.

4. It's actually cheaper, since I buy $1 a ball cotton yarn and get 3 dishcloths out of it.

But no, I don't do anything terribly fancy, because I know I'm going to dunk it in the sink, or my niece will set one on fire by turning on the wrong stove burner (true story).

lupinbunny said...

ysolda - kind of yes. your post prompted me to write about this, but it was an old thought/ rant that i think every time i see a pattern for a dishcloth, or a dishcloth. yours is very nice. as far as they go.

Adrian said...

Iused to swear id never bother with something like knitting dishcloathes, but then found they make a very good way to use really really poor quality scartchy yarn, leftover stuff you wouldnt dare have on your skin for any other purpose than a washcloth
^^" but that wouldnt be a consideration for someone like you who would buy 20$ yarn i soppose