Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Spidersknit's mama has been a silk painter for a long time, and Ms Spidersknit has been trying to 'splain that the same dyes will do for sock yarn, and sock yarn can be a surprisingly lucrative business. So last night Spiderknit's mama (whose name I never found out, actually) brought her first tries to our S'n'B, where they were snapped up in minutes. Being a half hour late, this was the only yarn left! (Not that I'm at all complaining. It would have been my pick of the bunch anyway). Can you believe this is her first try at dying? No? Well, let's compare it to this esteemed knitter's first try at dying.

Now do you see?

The yarn will become my first pair of socks. Undecided between Monkey and Jaywalkers (look, I might as well go with a winner, seeing as how the other sock I've knitted turned out).


Clementine said...

I looooove it. It's not Desley's first attempt at dyeing, just at dyeing yarn (pedant, sorry). Aren't the colours exquisite? I'm about to cast on for some Anastasia socks, which I think will show off the subtle variegation in the yarn I got— Jaywalkers will look AWESOME in yours.

Want me to teach the 2 sock x 1 circ method?

lupinbunny said...

tah! I've dyed fabric before too (which came out somewhat better than the yarn, I might add). On my knitblog it goes without saying that dying is in the yarn context. *folds arms*

I wanted to monkey the yarns, but I think jaywalker is just where its at. Need to get some 2.25mm needles though.

Noel said...

Meanwhile, my lovely yarn has struck disaster.. It's a right old tangled mess. I've recruited my poor mum to help me untangle the thing. It took us three hours so far.. I'm only half way untangling the bloody thing.. :(.

I'm thinking of making (once I get the thing untangled!) a fishtail patterned scarf to thank my mum for being so patient. (actually she fell asleep while holding on to the chaos).

Noel said...

Well update.. It's all detangled and wound up!

i also found out another thing about home dyed yarn.. in my particular case, my palms turned a nice shade of 'dead for a week' pale bluey green as a result of handling the yarn.