Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sophia Coppola Collection - Marie Antoinette Pt 1

woola! After collapsing in a heap on Friday night, crawling under my doona and making Badly Coloured Boy come home from his night out to cook me some broccoli and parmesan, I was recovered enough on Saturday night to go out, wearing my new Burdastyle skirt. Made from pink and silver upholstery fabric from Spotlight that reminded me of the fabric in the dresses in Marie Antoinette (costuming being the best thing about that film). I know grey tights would have looked better (I'm dying for heavy grey ribbed cotton tights, like really long ribbed socks, but can't find them anywhere) but beggars, choosers. Black's what's in my drawer.

The skirt really was super-beginner level. It's awesome to find something so fashionable that's suitable for those of little skill. The pattern printed off the internet just fine, went together, no complaints there at all. I'm a convert to the free, printable pattern now (I used to think it was a hassle, and it probably still is if the garment is like that Galliano jacket from a couple of years back; but this had three pieces). The instructions are translated from German (I think) and do get a little bit mysterious in places (putting in the zip, the lower hem facing), but I was able to work through it using my superior Skillz of Logica. Warning though! There's hand finishing of the bottom hem.

I actually ended up making two skirts. I made the one for my hip size according to the pattern first (12), and decided after putting the zip in that it was too big, but so pretty that I should go to the effort of remaking it in my size. Luckily I bought the fabric as a remnant, and had just enough left for another go in my ready-to-wear size (10). Much better result.

I warn against wearing this anywhere you need to walk alot or quickly. The shape means the lower hem circumference is remarkably small. It acts like a hobble skirt. If you have to go the bathroom, the skirt won't scrunch up over your hips - it has to be unzipped and pulled down. But the latent fetishist in me loves restrictive clothing, so I happen think that's kind of cool, albeit frustrating when you go to dinner with three tall boys in jeans.

Other news? Beet harvest time! Turns out they weren't red, pink & white, yellow and white at all. I think they may have cross-pollinated at the seed raising centre, because we had dark red with purple leaves, regular red with green leaves, and pink & white stripes (chioggia). Above is a chioggia. They were sweeter than commercial beets, except for one that tasted kind of bitter. Something had been eating part of it underground, and I think the beet reacted by turning yuck *nods*


jazzyknits said...

ooooohhhh love love love the skirt, well done and the fabric is beautiful!

KnitXcorE said...

that skirt is amazingggggggggg! Gr8 job! my tomatoes are supposed to be pink and yellow, i hope they are. none have come up yet.

christina said...

Tres chic!

DelightfulJen said...

It's such an awesome skirt, I love the fabric you've used!


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ambika said...

The skirt is gorgeous, the fabric looks quite perfect for the design.