Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Anastasia Socks

Remember I got that handpainted yarn a couple of weeks back? Well my babette blankie has gone on hold while I make socks (that's okay - I always intended it as an interruptable project). I wanted to make jaywalkers, but wanted them toe-up. Using the universal sock pattern on knitty, and the gauge of the chevron pattern I would up with stocking stitch toes that would be an appropriate fit on Badly Coloured Boy (and his men's size eleven puppy-feet)... I'm not sure how to fix that problem.

So I swapped for Anastasia, simply because I was hitting gauge, they were toe up, I had the right size needles, and it looked nice with variegated yarn.

I personally have never had a problem with turning heels (well, you can see a weird hole in the corner there, but I don't find the process scary/ difficult), it's the getting-socks-to-fit bit that trouble me. Which is why I'm very pleased with how these look. Now I just have to get used to wearing woollen socks. Did I mention they're really not the norm in these deserty climes?

(and about my evening dress - I'll take photos tomorrow night when I'm all dolled up. And wearing my new shoes. I really, really like these new shoes).


Elin said...

Those look gorgeous! I colours are so beautifully vivid and they look great with the anastasia socks!

I've been having trouble with the sizing of socks too, usually they end up too big. I'm not sure if I've got really skinny feet (sure, they're not wide, but they look pretty normal) or I just knit really loosely! And who wants saggy socks?

Michelle said...

ooh...did u just say new shoes?? you'll have to take pics of your shoes too!!!

KnitXcorE said...

I've seen that pattern around, and I think I love it. It's seems to be incerdibly difficult to get the right gauge for jaywalkers...... I've tried twice and both time were a fiasco!