Friday, August 03, 2007

No need for super-urgency-last-minute sewing. Sorry to disappoint.

Okay, it seems I panicked too soon. Apparently noone really wears black-tie, it's more cocktail. And, unbeknowst to all you, I have a sad passion for cocktail frocks that I have only recently curbed. So while I could wear a candy-pink fifties-inspired Wayne Cooper number, or a pink and silver vintage wiggle-dress, or this astonishing slinky silver skin-baring dress that I bought at a sample sale I think I will go with my version of this.

I made it a few years ago, when I still lived at home and had no idea about sewing. I figured I could cope with a Vogue 'average' pattern (ha!), and it would give me something to do for the day. My mum came home from work and freaked when she saw all the masses of lace and satin and whatnot laying about, and I looked up at her and said sweetly 'How do you make darts in lace? I can't make the pins stay in?' Anyway, courtesy (apparently) of my mother's skills, said dress was saved. Though I'd like to point out that it was I who hand-stitched 5.6m of lace scallop to every hem! (yes, that's how the scallops get there. You cut them off the selvedges, and hand-stitch them in place at the very end). Also the slip straps regularly fall down unless I pin them to the dress, because I didn't make a muslin, and didn't know at the time that all commercial patterns are too broad in the back for me.

Mine is a grey/mauve and silver lace over pea-green slip. I normally wear a rhinestone brooch in the appropriate spot, but I think I might tack a velvet ribbon rosette in place instead. Lighter, less worry over losing it.

In knitting news, I am making Anastasia socks and they are working out well. No photos because I am housesitting and have no camera.


Clementine said...

ooh, i am also doing anastasia socks. noice work, champ. the race is on!!!

Scribbles & Bits said...

Will we get to see pictures of this dress? At least you're spared working with satin, although that was an awfully awesome looking dress you were considering!

KnitXcorE said...

yeah! we wanna see the dress!

Melinda said...

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!! I WANT THAT PATTERN!!!!!! What a divine dress!!!!!

Can we see pics of yours please? All dressed up for the ball.... :-)