Saturday, August 18, 2007

Quilting, hey?

There's a special on a fat quarter bundle at Hancock's of Paducah that brings the Moda American Jane prints down to about $6.50 a metre (plus postage). Why is that so terribly tempting? What would I do with 30 fat quarters? And why does 'make a quilt!' seem like a reasonably answer to that question? Maybe because I've been suckered in by American Jane's distressingly fab quilt patterns. Old fashioned, but not too kitschy.

(I'm feeling much better now. Trying desperately to catch up on uni work. I've never had a full week off uni (or highschool, for that matter) for illness in my life).

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Sue McGettigan said...

"why does 'make a quilt!' seem like a reasonable answer to that question?"

Because it doesn't take much to convince any of us crafting-arting junkies to hit the 'add to shopping cart' button - that's OK, we're all in it together :) and beautiful things happen as a result.