Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A sock! I gots a sock!

I finished my first Anastasia sock today. It fits and all! I'm quite pleased. Unlike my first ever sock, of which no photographic evidence exists. It made my foot look like an overstuffed chorizo sausage. It was really unpretty. Y'know, unlike these carefully styled, magazine-quality shots. Oh hell, it'd probably be good enough for American Apparel, so shut up.

There'll be a weeny hiatus on my knitting the second sock though, because I haven't got a replacement needle yet. I finished the top of the leg with only four, but I don't want to start a sock that way.

Crossways in Subiaco didn't have any 2.25mm or 2.5mm dpns, and the last pair of 2.5mms at Calico & Ivy were the ones that I bought and that went ker-snap (and they don't have 2.25mm there either). So I've internet ordered. From TapestryCraft. Both sizes. It's really hard to find places that stock .25mm increments! Not a single ebay store selling those desirably cheap needles from China did, though some stores had 2.25mm and some had 2.5mm (here's another pic for luck).

I've enjoyed this sock caper. Having seen the way mah mama fondled my new Claudia's Handpainted and heard the way she wistfully said '[My friend's] socks are all handknitted... do these skeins do one or two socks each?' I think some socks for her are next up after the second Anastasia. And unlike some big investment like a jumper, socks are relatively small and sweet. Concentrated love, as it were. Yep, I think I'm a sock convert. Because after the Mumsocks (Charade, I think?) I'm planning to Kool-Aid dye some lovely pure merino I have and turn them into lacy socks for me.


spider_knit said...

Ver' nice.

Mine have stalled around half way up the foot on the first one due to baby knitting committments. But it *is* truly a pretty pattern.

The yarn looks nice too. I look forward to seeing them in person!

Elizabeth said...

It's beautiful! I find socks so satisfying, especially since I can usually only afford one skein at a time of the nice stuff! Congrats.

melissa said...

congrats on your first properly fitting sock, it's a beauty!

KnitXcorE said...

luv it! and the pattern looks kinda fun to knit.

Scribbles & Bits said...

Hooray for well-fitted socks! I really like the spiral pattern!

Sunny said...

That's a sexy sox. I just bought a couple of Fashion shoes and i'm gonna buy these sox or them. Guess it would be best fit. Nice work by the photographer.