Sunday, March 18, 2007

grunch grunch grunch

that's the sound i make when i'm sort of cross and skulking round the house so that badly coloured boy knows to stay out of my way.

see, when knitting the principle swatch i discovered that the wool i got is actually really quite itchy, and i wouldn't ever wear it. i have squishy red merino worsted reclaimed from a less-than-flattering boobholder, and it is sooooo much nicer. except i don't have enough to make a jumper. and i don't have money to buy yarn.
i'm stuck between an itchy rock and a squishy, too little place.

grunch grunch grunch.

i think i've settled on using the itchy plum stuff for something less fitting than i originally intended, so i'll wear it over other layers. lots of other layers. it's still itchy to knit with though. and my swatching for stitch patterns to use is going a bit so-so to boot. so really, i'm grumpy.

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