Friday, March 30, 2007

i put the ribbon on my needle roll

nice, huh? i just need some clear nail polish to seal the ends. it is very prone to fraying. also, um, if you look again... i sewed it on upside down. but i don't think the ribbon would hold up to being unpicked, i'm almost out of red thread, and i couldn't unpick the stitching without also gouging out the topstitching (the ribbon is sewed along the topstitching line). so upside down it stays.

also, we all remember the pain and suffering of the washed candygan? well, i threw it in the corner of my room. then, when i moved house, i threw it in a box, then threw it into my bedside cabinet in my new house. and left there, until a couple of nights ago, in a girlish fit of 'i hate all my clothes' i tried it on again. um, it's a little bigger than pre-washing but it certainly still fits. it is, however, rather prone to pilling.

can you see the fuzz along the edge of the arm? i've only worn it maybe six or seven times, tops. in the background is anatolia, which has been thrown aside in disgust. the neckband design is quite odd - not ribbed at all - and it gapes quite badly. so i need to rip and redo, and, as ever, i can't muster the enthusiasm.

i've started on eunny jang's endpaper mitts, and heavens! they're addictive. good fun, and soooo carefully designed.

oh my god! i just realised - i hope that candy doesn't fit now because i've stacked on the kilos! uh-oh... well, my jeans still fit. maybe being sent to the corner for a few months shrinks things. that's gotta be it.

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Shoes said...

I also find running a quick flame at the edges of ribbon will help the fraying...