Saturday, March 24, 2007

no martha stewart am i

nor am i belinda jeffrey (she is single-handedly saving the CWA-style slice from extinction), nor even the black apple.

but i did make a cake.

okay. it was betty crocker's, with ready-to-spread frosting. with my own personal touch of strawberry sprinkles on top. it has to live in a soup pot, because i don't have an airtight container large enough to hold (most of) a cake. the gladwrap is underneath the cake and the base of the cake pan, to assist in the removal and replacement of the cake from and into its soupy little home.

it's quite a nice cake. an improvement on other packet mixes.
when i finish the frozen cookie dough log in the freezer (marked down to 20c, because the brand changed their packaging!) i will make my own cookie dough from scratch, and freeze it in a log.

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