Tuesday, March 27, 2007

i think i'm craving plum.

isn't this beautiful? it's After the Fire - Leaf Surge, by John Wolseley. i'd give an awful lot to be able to hang it above my desk. Wolseley was one of my influences in high school (the art curriculum forces students to nominate official influences), for my most favourite print that i turned out. maybe i'll post a picture of it sometime. i periodically forget that Wolseley exists, then about six months ago i heard him interviewed on the radio. and tonight he's hosting an art program, which made me seek him out again.

myself? i've discovered i've moved on a little from the red/ pink/ blue combination that's dominated by colour choices over the past year. unconsciously, recently, it seems i've been a little bit obsessed with purple.

swatch and yarn for mystery project, fabric for dress lining, and merino for some endpaper mitts.


risa said...

for some reason i too am always drawn to purples...especially darker ones like in your photo.

Clementine said...

me too. a good third of my stash is purple. and i don't even WEAR purple.