Monday, March 12, 2007

on sewing and feminist art

my ribbon arrived a little while back.

isn't it fabulous? far nicer in real life than the website indicated. the little diagrams reminded me of the hands in this artwork by Barbara Kruger. I wonder what Ms Kruger would think of my associating her work with the domestic, feminine sphere?

i remember finding this work in an anthology of feminist art writing editing by Lucy Lippard and just being floored by it. i love the force of the hands in 'will'. look at how the man is the one with the power to see (the effect of this is weakened by using a gender-indeterminate person for 'heard'). though these days i wonder if it doesn't say more about the disabled than women? also its implicit insistence on strictly dichotomous gender doesn't really leave much room transgender people/ transexuals.

god, you know what i'd love to do? print each of these images (that's actually nine separate artworks in a series) onto iron on transfer paper, transfer them to fabric, stitch them together and make a patchwork cushion.
the irony would kill me. me and all my fine-arts friends.

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shannon said...

Oh man! I was looking at that trim this morning on the reprodepot site and was quite close to purchasing!! And I love Barbara Kruger's work!!

Once I designed some boys tshirts that had 'rock,paper,scissors' hands on them, and they were rejected because in boys fashion apparently hands 'too political'....funny eh?