Monday, March 19, 2007

oh blah.

good thing i'd already given up on the pringle pattern.

Because someone else has already done it. even in the cardigan form i was planning on copying.
guess i'll just use her pattern then, once i get some yarn.

but it's okay. i have Other Plans. it involves Paton's Woolcraft 1938; K-Mart '5, 8 & 12-ply designs' brochure (circa mid-70s), my stitch dictionary, and a largeish dose of lunatic measuring.


acwo said...

Tiptop blog, I like it :)
keep it up!

Elizabeth said...

A friend of mine saw this sweater in the New York Style magazine last summer and asked me to design one for her. I worked on it for a while, but she never bought me the yarn for it... it's a gorgeous sweater, I wish I were so stylish I could pull it off. Good luck!

Miss Twiss said...

Don't stop the desire to try to figure it out! It can be satisfying and it is definitely challenging.