Friday, March 16, 2007

how i narrowly avoided

a pringle knockoff almost as ugly.

i've been intending to work out a copy of a the pringle jumper for a while now. starting on a swatch last night i worked out what makes the other 'inspired' versions i've seen look cheap.
fine gauge.
the fabric just won't sit right in anything less than so-bulky-you-just-knit-the-wool-with-the-sheep-still-attached.

which stymies my 8 ply/ DK knit version.

and as i don't really have the cash to splash on some superbulky yarn right now, i have to find something else to do with nine balls of plum and three of lavender... i want to play with the trapeze silhouettes that are around right now, but the soft drape of the 8 ply is making that difficult. i'm going to spend this morning trawling the paris autumn/ winter ready to wear shows (though it isn't looking promising - even mcqueen has used furs in place of knits), netaporter and anthropologie. stay tuned.

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