Tuesday, October 17, 2006

bits and pieces

my IK sub runs out after the next issue, and i'm not going to renew it. when i bought it you couldn't get IK in my part of the world, unless i got an international subscription; and vogue knitting was looking pretty miserable at the time.
well, they're on a par now, i think.
but that doesn't stop me being excited about the winter issue. rambling rose, with colourwork, lace (and cables?) has jumped to the top of my to-knit list. though i'm mystified as to why it only seems to come in two sizes...

knitting has slowed to a crawling pace, because i have impending exams o' doom. while everyone else seems to knit and study (even my housemate embroiders and studies sometimes), i need to hold a pencil in my hand and underline things regularly else i'll find i've read for an hour and not absorbed a word. wielding needles and pencils simultaneously is beyond my skill level.
i have found, to my joy, however, that i can frog and study. yep! i can rip to my heart's content and learn. it's fun, even. so, the glampyre boobholder that was never especially flattering on me, and the one skein wonder that should fit a three year old*, are being plundered for their yarny goodness while i learn.

* it's not glampyre's fault. really. it's just i think she has broad shoulders and mine are skinny and i find the patterns just don't suit me so well. and i do have a remaining, wearable, much-loved one skein wonder, knitted in jo sharp silkroad tweed.

finally, loving elizabeth zimmerman, but having trouble forking out the cash for an entire book right now? Well, hopefully you'll learn a few things from this.

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