Friday, October 13, 2006

excuse the mess

it gets that way when you're moving in and redecorating all at the same time.

obviously that bizarre blue streak through the header won't be staying (anyone know the code to fix that?); not will the white and grey text.
Now, while I can manage cleaning up over the next few days if you, as you navigate about, discover anything that happens to be hot pink, please let me know. There seem to be some hot pink bits lying about in the code still, but i sure as hell can't work out what they're doing.

to the knitting!
Works in progress:
- purple mohair drop stitch scarf, for badly coloured boy's mother
- anatolia, for me. i have been working on this unwieldy beast of a sportsweight jumper since march. i am on the first sleeve.
- uh... in the 'unlikely to be finished' pile is a marnie mclean Hooray for Me glove, and a bear.

Stash size:
Small. Fits in three small navy blue cardboard archival boxes from Ikea.

To do:
(what, aside from make the blog look pretty?)
- Knock off this pringle jumper
- The U-necked fair isle from VK
- My own delightful jumper-y things. To be specified later.


lupinbunny said...
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MsVyv said...

I see no hot pink.

Overall, very, er, crafty. Nice! (even though you've gone to the dark side)

Diana said...

Hello! I was searching for pictures of knitters' finished u-necked pullovers from VK 2006 when this post came up. Did you ever knit it?