Sunday, October 15, 2006

invisible stripe scarf

I turned half of this:

into this:

Here is what it looks like on:

It was intended to be a gift for badly coloured boy's mum, because purple is her favourite colour, but i think the mohair is a little fluffy and delicate for her. She's an outsdoorsy, horse-riding, bush-walking, orphan-possum-rearing kind of lady. my housemate hinted pretty heavily that she'd like a similar scarf (she knows i have that one remaining ball), so maybe i'll just give this one to her for xmas. still doesn't solve the problem of what to do with the other ball. maybe a scarf for my grandmother.

the yarn was just fabulous to use. i am so disappointed that mango moon don't make the pash-mohair anymore. the nylon thread in it keeps the yarn strong (unlike other mohairs i've seen) and the colours it came in were just gorgeous. such a pity i only bought two of the purple. i remember a deep clean gold, a fuschia, a dark inky indigo, a blue-ish turquoise... *sigh* if anyone has any old pash-mohair they want to sell me, let me know.

It's just a step up from a regular old drop-stitch scarf, but it really is my favourite simple scarf pattern. Far more interesting to look at than refular drop-stitch, i just love how it's all loose and lacy, but stripy! both delicate and deconstructed, i think.

The pattern if you can call it one, is as follows:
175 yards (or thereabouts - i would have liked this a little longer, actually) of mohair yarn.
6mm needles. i really recommend bamboo, not aluminium. i started off with aluminium needles and they were just too slippery for the mohair.

Finished size: 26cm/ 10.3 inches wide; 103cm/ 40.5 inches long

Cast on 35 stitches.
Rows 1-4: Knit
Row 5: Knit, wrapping yarn three times (instead of the usual once) when you knit each stitch.
Row 6: *K1, slip the next two stitches off the needle.* Repeat to end of row.

Continue rows 1 -6 ad nauseum.

Knit Rows 1-4 once more, then cast off.

edit: copyright 2006, for non-commercial use (except for if your best friend tells you they'll pay you to knit one of these. then you have my blessing). Please let me know if you intend to reproduce the pattern en masse; and please ensure that this blog URL is visible on the reproduction.


spider_knit said...

I bow down to thee, oh self-creator of blog templates. I sit, in awe and jealousy as I envy thy ability to change your template.

And thanks for the cool squidfingers site, I may yet get inspired to try changing mine.


melissa said...

that scarf is really beautiful. i might just make one with the kidsilk haze i have!

lupinbunny said...

mmmm.... it'd be really nice with kidsilk. and there's a little more yardage to a ball of kidsilk, so it'd be a nice length (mine can be worn wrapped once with short ends, or noose style with short ends, but i think medium ends would be nicer :) )

this template actually started out as the insanely garish 'ms moto' template (hot pink, white and grey). it was the easiest one to mess with, i found.

Michelle said...

I'll be bringing some lovely vintage (and scary) knitting patterns tonight to S n B, I hope you will be there to peruse them.

lupinbunny said...

yargh. no S'n'B for moi.

i have a Roadshow* instead.

* annual thing where book publishers ply us with alcohol, deep-fried food and hopefully freebies in return for us suffering through a presentation on what they want us to sell over xmas.

the scrappy sewist said...

Nice scarf! I'm envious of your knitting skills! My sister just taught me how to knit a few weekends ago.

Talli said...

that scarf is so pretty.And easy too!!! I had been looking for something to kick-start off my winter knitting and this scarf caught my eye. I thought, woah, that is so pretty, I could never do that...and then I scrolled down, expecting the usual long complex coded knitting pattern...and I saw "...if you can call it a pattern" and my ears perked up!

long story longer -I'm knitting it now and everyone thinks I'm a genius. Thanks Lupinbunny!

wendy said...

thanks for sharing this with me - definitely up for consideration for my hand-dyeing experiment (and good luck for the contest!)

Anonymous said...

I'm so gonna try this tonight..I'm not sure I can handle mohair but 'll give it a try.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting this! I have the same yarn but have had major difficulty locating a nice looking scarf! Will start tonight!