Thursday, October 26, 2006

so many stitches, so little time.

Well, it turns out I just couldn't wait until March for a stitch dictionary. My need for more than the thirty or so stitch patterns in the weeny little dictionary I currently had led me to this:
It's out of print, so I had to pay what the ebay seller demanded for it. But, including postage it is a mere 1.49c per stitch pattern. I would have almost preferred the 1963 edition, which had (only) 900 stitches, but portrayed them in the lurid technicolour combinations that mark the sixties. Sadly, my 1985 edition is heavy on red-and-grey; or primary blue, yellow and green. I'll just have to use my imagination.

Here's another picture. I particularly love the cable in the bottom right hand corner.

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jazzyknits said...

awesome book.. what a great find.. i've just bid on a mon tricot crochet 500 motifs book.. oops.