Friday, October 27, 2006

like tomato soup for the psyche

(since i am none too fond of chicken soup).
there is little to report on the knitting front. i have exams and tonsillitis, so no stitches are rolling forth from my needles in the waves of stitch-soldier armies i dream of.

i ventured uncertainly out of bed this afternoon (the penicillin i was prescribed has made me feel worse than the tonsillitis did. i have built a little fortress in bed, with reams of lecture notes as walls) in search of a birthday gift, and i found the most fantastic greeting cards, by one Laini Taylor.
the christmas cards made me giggle - they said 'Merry Christmas to Nearly Everyone'. And for myself i got this lady:
only her caption read 'and what is it you want to do with your wild and precious life?' Since that is the sixty four dollar question right now.

i wish the store had have had this one:

i feel i should add a disclaimer that inspirationally sloganned greeting cards are usually one of my pet hates. but the kitschy collage style and slightly off-kilter messages are really doing it for me. blame my illness if you must.

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Michelle said...

I hear ya, I've been 'down with the illness' for a good week now. We all have. Stayed home today to take care of the little one who is now on antibiotics. But anyway, I'm happy to report I have internet access from home and now will be able to happily blog away. Oh yeah, and hopefully knit.