Monday, October 23, 2006

burn, baby, burn

not literally. but here's the promised progress pics on the pea pod/ burnout jacket.
i am tearing through it, desperate to finish so i can get onto other things.

Because the button band is knitted at the same time as the body I can't run the yarn up the side. Meaning I have a squillion ends to weave in. Lucky me.

On a better note this Sunday I am off to be a photography model for a friend (all things going well - this has been intended for so long, and keeps being cancelled because of our erratic schedules). Her photos tend to be portrait-style. The subject is individual and identifiable, not just some anonymous figure. Which is rather appealing. I'm hoping to scam a couple of prints off her, since I haven't had nice portraits done since I was a child. She wants me in all my crazy finery (read: silly clothes) - I'm planning to load up a carful. And take the knitting too. It would be nice to be captured doing what it is I do for fun. I have this vague idea that the eye-popping pattern of anatolia will look just fabulous against an orange plaid dress and black and white op-art tights. Or maybe purple mohair against a hot pink tutu...

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