Tuesday, October 24, 2006


i went to another booksellers' trade night last night. i went unaccompanied by anyone from my store (which was a bit awkward, given that the first half hour is always a drinks&food&mingle thing, and i had noone with which to mingle). But the point was that it was a very glamourous non-fiction publisher with a tolerably interesting craft list.
And i got their 2007 catalogue.
March sees the release of '400 Knitting Stitches' stitch dictionary, with charts and text (and photos goes without saying, I guess). Available in the UK and Australia/ New Zealand. Unclear as to exactly what it covers (fair isle? slipstitch? cable, lace and knit/ purl patterns are a given, i would imagine).
Beautiful (as with all of Murdoch's books) cover - lush purple and green yarn all over. Heavy duty paperback. the kind with a sort of solid-ish plasticky cover. hard to explain, unless you go find a murdoch paperback cookbook. then you'll understand.
i think i shall hold off buying a stitchionary until this one comes out.

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jazzyknits said...

I'll be definitely getting this stitchionary in time for my b'day, sounds fantastic, over 400 stitches!!! Love your work too on Anatolia.