Friday, October 20, 2006

burnout baby jacket

I bought the yarn today for a commissioned piece (for the lovely Ms. Vyvyan). Well, not for her as in her impending offspring, but for a gift for her friend.
The yarn is Shepherd brand Colour4Me 8ply. I've been using some Shepherd in Anatolia, and very nice it is too. Soft, bright and machine washable (i may know very little about children, but i assume machine washable is a pre-requisite). And cheap to boot.
Loving the assymetric front, i am using Kate Gilbert's Pea Pod jacket construction, but doing away with the lace and the cabled bands. Instead i'm going to put in burnout stripes - starting out with thick black stripes and thin red stripes and working up to thick red stripes and thin black. whether or not it ends up with spider-shaped buttons is Ms Vyvyan's call.
Pictures once I cast on.

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