Sunday, February 11, 2007

baby got shirt!

all finished. i brought the side seams in... oh, a few inches. look, i have a waist, and i like other people to know it's there also, okay? that little rumple up near my right shoulder is not poor stitching, i just didn't pull the shirt on properly. it actually doesn't sit like that normally. apparently my sewing skills actually surpass my ability to dress myself. given how long i've been sewing, and given how long i've dressed myself this is cause for some concern.

best bit? the fabulous use of the embroidery stitches on my machine. normally hidden by the pocket flap, so only i know they're there:

worst bit? i was hammering the cool copper-coloured studs in (yup! no wussy buttons here. studs come with these angry looking spiky prongs and you need to hammer them in), and i was telling Badly Coloured Boy a terribly interesting story about the IRA. I looked up at him to emphasise the climax, and slammed the hammer down onto my thumb.
bruises are notoriously difficult to photograph (trust me - my hypochondriac self has tried. So. Many. Times), but you can make out the ugly blacky-purple smush on the edge of my thumbnail, i hope.

my howls of anguish rather detracted from the end of the IRA story, by the way.


littlemissmeshell said...

Oh superb! Love it.

and bahaha about the knitted Wists, I'm doing a swap with someone who knits in April and she wanted ideas now! =P I remember taking them all off ages ago because I was sad about being a crap knitter and I didn't want the lovelies taunting me anymore =P

Michelle said...

You are a seamstress extraordinaire! Wow! I wish I had the talent or the time and since I have neither, horrah for you! Just started the hoodie for eldest child and very pleased as to the speed. hurray for thick yarn! see you tomorrow.

KnitXcorE said...

ouch! pain for beauty right?

Girl Kae said...

wow clare, you did a GREAT job!!

Scribbles & Bits said...

That looks really fantastic! I think the copper snaps were the perfect touch. By the way, thanks for soming to visit my blog! I might not have found you otherwise and I'm glad I did.

cruststation said...

Amazing, you made your own shirt? Looks like a lot of work but fits you so well and so stylish! Wow, your talent is endless.